IntelliJ/PhpStorm only switches keyboard layout by half


I'm having a strange problem with IntelliJ IDEA 16.1.2 running in Ubuntu MATE 16.04: when I switch between keyboard layouts, then normal typing works as expected, but any control key combinations use the wrong layout. Confused? So am I.

For years I've been using MATE (Linux Mint MATE, Ubuntu MATE) and switching between layouts (Norwegian Dvorak and US English) via MATE's built-in keyboard layout switcher (using CAPS LOCK to switch globally), and this has been working without a single hitch. I love it.

But now I started using IntelliJ, and I find that when I switch layouts, a o e u becomes a s d f as it should, but CTRL-X / C / V and all the others remain on the Dvorak key positions (that is, on qwerty you'd have to type CTRL+B / I / > in order to hit the CTRL-X / C / V on the Dvorak layout. Ditto for all other CTRL-any key commands such as Find, Print, etc.

This is bonkers! And it's only happening in IntelliJ IDEA and PhpStorm. I've never seen this before, and right now those are the only two apps on my system that are affected.

My keyboards are native QWERTY, and I have used the OS to specify Dvorak as the primary layout, with QWERTY as an option and a hotkey to toggle between them.

I use Dvorak almost exclusively; the only reason to have the other layout is for "guests": coworkers during pair work, and my wife on the systems at home.

Dvorak is working 100%, but the querty is not: the querty works for non-ctrl characters, but ctrl stays mapped to Dvorak


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This is for the other way around, but may help.

I have seen a setting, where you can switch to dvorak, but key control keys in querty position. I think it is in the keyboard layout system-settings.


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