Qwerty Keyboard in HTML


I need a QWERTY keyboard using HTML buttons, which enters the typed info into a text field. I can put one together, but it seems that this must have been done before, and I hate to reinvent the wheel. Does anyone know where I could find code for something like that?

Fraser Orr

Posted 2009-05-27T16:16:11.643


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Ok, you mentioned javascript in your tags; so what about this stylish keyboard: the article describing it – and a demo.


Posted 2009-05-27T16:16:11.643

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Looks awesome, thanks for the help. – None – 2009-05-27T16:43:27.033

Nice trickery... But as someone in the comments there pointed out, this is virtually useless against keyloggers -- if that was the intent of the question. Anyway, +1. – Tomalak – 2009-05-27T16:46:01.050