The Jadoon, also called Jadun or Gadun (Pashto: جاډون‎, Urdu: جدون‎, Hebrew: ג'אדון), are a Pashtun tribe. Pashtuns are an Iranian ethic group.[1] Jadoon's originated in the mountainous regions of Spin Ghar, in the Nangahar Province of Afghanistan. [2]


The Jadoons are also mentioned by Lawrence Ziring, professor of Political Science at West Michigan University, as being one of the tribal units divided in the mountain ranges of Hazara and Swabi, alongside the Yusufzais of Malakand Agency, the Afridis of the Khyber Agency and Kohat Pass, the Orakzais of Tirah, the Wazirs of North & Southern Waziristan, the Shiranis of D.I.Khan and the Shinwaris of the Khyber.[3]

Jadoons are divided into two major sub tribes; Salar and Mansoor.[4]


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