Karate at the Asian Games

Karate is an Asian Games event first held at the 1994 in Hiroshima, Japan.


Games Year Host city Best nation
XII1994Hiroshima, Japan Japan
XIII1998Bangkok, Thailand Japan
XIV2002Busan, South Korea Japan
XV2006Doha, Qatar Japan
XVI2010Guangzhou, China Japan
XVII2014Incheon, South Korea Japan
XVII2018JakartaPalembang, Indonesia Japan


Men's individual kataXXXXXXX7
Men's kumite 55 kgXXXXX5
Men's kumite 60 kgXXXXXXX7
Men's kumite 65 kgXXXX4
Men's kumite 67 kgXXX3
Men's kumite 70 kgXXXX4
Men's kumite 75 kgXXXXXXX7
Men's kumite 80 kgXX2
Men's kumite 84 kgXXX3
Men's kumite +84 kgXXXXXXX7
Women's individual kataXXXXXXX7
Women's kumite 48 kgX1
Women's kumite 50 kgXXX3
Women's kumite 53 kgXXXX4
Women's kumite 55 kgXXX3
Women's kumite 60 kgXXXX4
Women's kumite 61 kgXXX3
Women's kumite 68 kgXXX3
Women's kumite +68 kgXXXXXXX7

Medal table

1 Japan3010949
2 Iran14111035
3 Malaysia871631
4 Kuwait76720
5 Kazakhstan66618
6 Chinese Taipei651829
7 Vietnam48820
8 Indonesia371424
9 China34310
10 Uzbekistan14611
11 Jordan1269
12 Syria1225
13 Saudi Arabia0448
14 Macau021113
15 Hong Kong0257
16 Philippines0178
18 United Arab Emirates0123
19 South Korea0099
20 Brunei0033
23 Tajikistan0022
24 Laos0011
 Sri Lanka0011
Totals (26 nations)8483164331

List of medalists


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