Kundi (Pashtun tribe)

The Kundi (Urdu: کُنڈی ) is a subtribe of Niazi Pashtun tribe [m], which inhabit a triangular area around Tank are pakhtoons along Tank-Pezu road extending up to Mulazai to the adjoining Bhittani area. The Mulazai is approachable through a road, which begins at old Gul Imam railway station. The area around this road is mainly inhabited by kundis with perhaps some pocket of Marwats. There is another circular road recently constructed which begins at Daraki (Maikhani) police station on Tank- Pezu road bypassing the Daraki village, Pai village and joins the Gul Imam-Mulazai road at Ama Khel. Thus if a map can be withdrawn the Kundi triangle is mainly between Tank-Pezu and Gul Imam-Mulazai road on one side joining the Kundi Maliks area at Shahalam and Mulazai while on the other side Jatater and Gandapur area around Gul Imam. The kundi area act as a buffer zone between Tank and Marwats connected through Pezu and Bayan pass. These were the old caravan routes and British were the first to construct asphalt roads on these routes. The main villages of Kundis are Gul Imam, Shahalam, Abezari, Daraki(Maikhani), Pai, Nandoor and Amakhel while Mulazai is perhaps mixture of kundi and Syeds from Kaniguram and marwats in some parts. Gul Imam and Shahalam are the ancestral home villages of Kundi KHANS. This are the major tribe of District Tank D.I.Khan and Kundis populate majority of Tank District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan, some parts of Afghanistan(Zabul), some of the parts in Balochistan and the ancestors of this tribe is basically from Zabul(Afghanistan) and KUNDIGHAR( kundayghar ) in South Waziristan Agency. A good number of Kundis have rendered their services in field of education, politics, civil services, judiciary research etc. in Pakistan. This tribe fought many wars against Nawabs of Tank in late 1800s but eventually won some wars and then defeated some of their area against the coalition power of Miankhail,Dotani,Babar and Nawab forces. IN 1870s, A great war was fought between these nation and more than one lac people get killed from both sides. Moreover, this tribe is always involved in internal conflicts as other Pashtoon tribes are involved.


Kundi or Kondi bin Esa bin Khako bin Niazi bin Ibrahim loede bin Shah Hussain (Prince of Europe)Kundi had two sons Minak or Sinak and Ibrahim.Descendants of Kundi are divided into two tribes Minakzai and Ibrahimzai.

Notable People

  • Chief Justice (PHC)Abdul Karim Kundi
  • Justice Abdul Aziz Kundi
  • Justice Abdul Hakeem Kundi
  • Commissioner Rehmat Ullah Kundi CSP
  • Deputy speaker N.A Faisal Karim Kundi
  • Ex-Minister KPK Habib Ullah Kundi
  • Deputy Speaker West Pakistan Ghulam Ishaq Kundi
  • SSP Anwar Saeed Khan Kundi (late) PSP
  • SSP Salahuddin Khan Kundi PSP
  • Professor Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Kundi.

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