The Lohani(لوحانی), sometimes called Nuhani is a Pashtun tribe. The renowned personality and spiritual leader of Bettani tribe is Sheikh Mohammad Rohani (1220-1305 AD)(Pashto:شيخ محمد روحانى) also known as Shah Mohammad Rohani and Rohani Ba Ba was a Sufi cleric born around 1220 AD. The cleric, whose shrine in southern Afghanistan attracts thousands of Sufi visitors every year The Lohani(لوحانی), sometimes called Nuhani found in Pakistan especially in the region of Bannu, Dera Ismail Khan, Tank, Lakki Marwat, Shakargarh, Afghanistan and India (Bassi Dulat Khan).

They were a mostly pastoral and migratory tribe engaged in Commerce and Trade but nowadays most of them have settled down in the plains of DI Khan, Tank and Lakki Marwat. Lohanis have four branches, Marwat, Daulat Khel, Miya Khel and Tatoor. The Tatoor tribe was crushed by Nadir shah and Daulat khel (Nawab of Tank) who brought them near to extinction. Therefore, nowadays Tatoor tribe is generally dispersed in the region of Tank, Dera Ismail khan and FR Tank and especially found in village Tatoor near Tank city.


Lohanis, like other Lodi tribes, were originally inhabitants of Ghor. From Ghor they descended into Ghazni, and engaged in pastoral pursuits.Due to conflict with neighboring Ghilzais, they migrated to Katawaz and from there they moved to the plains of Daman in the 16th century. A big portion of the tribe migrated to India on invitation of Lodi Sultans of Delhi where they became the most prominent participants in the sultanate administration and army. During Ibrahim Lodi's reign, the Lohanis of south Bihar rebelled and carved out an independent kingdom for themselves which was later incorporated into Suri empire. In their homeland, conflict arose between Lohani clans over distribution of land and revenue of Daman tract and after some battles, the Marwat and Miya Khel clans of Lohani migrated from Daman to Lakki and DI Khan tracts respectively.[1]

Jhalori dynasty of Lohani clan ruled Palanpur State in India from thirteenth century to twentieth century.


  • Lohannes as Sazenus among to the seven sleepers on cave after Dakyanus (Decius) or Dakyus.

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