Shah Jahan III

Shah Jahan III
15th Mughal Emperor
Reign 10 December 1759 – 10 October 1760
Coronation 10 December 1759
Predecessor Alamgir II
Successor Shah Alam II
Born 1711
Died 1772 (aged 6061)
Spouse Sadat Begum
Issue Mirza Sa'adat Bakht Bahadur
Mirza Ikram Bahadur
Full name
Muhi-ul-Millat Shah Jahan III
House Timurid
Father Muhi-us-Sunnat Mirza
Mother Rushqimi Begum
Religion Islam

Shah Jahan III (1711 – 1772), (شاه جہان ۳) also known as Muhi-ul-millat was Mughal Emperor briefly. He was the son of Muhi-us-sunnat, the eldest son of Muhammad Kam Baksh who was the youngest son of Aurangzeb. He was placed on the Mughal throne in December 1759 as a result of the intricacies in Delhi with the help of Imad-ul-Mulk. He was later deposed by Maratha Sardars.[1]


Preceded by
Alamgir II
Mughal Emperor
10 December 1759 – 10 October 1760
Succeeded by
Shah Alam II

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