Wardak (Pashtun tribe)

The Wardak (Pashto: وردګ) or Wardag are the descended from Syed Abdul Sattar. He was the son of Syed Muhammad Zafar and brother of Syed Muhammad Masood.[1] Nimat Allah al-Harawi was a historian of Mughal Empire, He was un-aware the tribes other then Pashtuns. He confused the history of this Sayyid origin tribe due to lake of knowledge about Sayyids. Actually the forefather of Wardag tribe was the great-grandson of Gesudaraz I.[1] They found in central and eastern Afghanistan, mainly found in Maidan Wardak Province. The Wardak are divided into Mirkhel, Mayar, and Nuri sub-clans. The Wardak live in all of the province’s districts, and form the majority in the Saydabad, Chaki Wardak, Jaghatu, and Day Mirdad (Jilga) districts of central and southern Maidan Wardak.[2]


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